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Valentine's Blog Event: Character Interview - The Iron Fey

Julie Kagawa. Yeah. That superwomangenius creator of the best faeries in all the land. JULIE. FREAKING. KAGAWA. Ahem. This amazing lady managed to wrangle in her three main faeries and one particularly sullen cat to sit for an interview with Lisa and I. I only became hooked on THE IRON FEY series late last year, thanks to much torture-inspired encouragement from so many of my bloggy friends and I can only think now, 'WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?!' This is such an amazing series. Action, adventure, romance and such an imaginative world... but more importantly, characters that burrow deep into your heart. If you haven't read them yet, I suggest you do so now, unless you'd like Puck to persuade you... and that mischievous fey can be rather creative. In ways you won't want to experience.

Julie also has a new series coming out in May 2012, THE IMMORTAL RULES, a vampire dystopian that is guaranteed to be AMAZING! I cannot wait!

Character Interview - Ash, Meghan, Puck & Grimalkin

Ash, we know you and Puck share a very.... colourful and messy history together. But you were once the best of friends, despite his annoyingly charming ways! Can you share one of your more fond or memorable adventures together?

Ash: "..."

Puck: "Oh, lighten up, ice-boy, you know you love me. What about that time we stumbled into that hydra nest just as all the eggs were hatching? Or the time we fought a pair of minotaurs in the labyrinth? Or when we were attacked by that clan of harpies in the cave?

Ash: "I seem to remember all of those being your fault."

Puck: *Sighs* "Do I have to tell them about the time you lost your shirt to that satyr girl, ice-boy?"

Ash: "I will kill you."

Puck, a djinn grants you 3 wishes. What do you ask for? And don’t worry, we’ve checked already. It’s not some sneaky faery (or Ash in disguise) planning to rip out your heart or steal your innocence (ha!) in sacrifice the moment you make your wish!

Puck: "Wishes, huh? I dunno, there's this thing in the Nevernever called the Wishing tree, and if you can get past the giant snake that guards it, the tree grants you a wish. But it NEVER turns out the way you want. I remember this one time Ash and I...well, never mind. Three wishes, let's see. I'd wish Oberon would lighten up some, I'd wish pig-latin was a real language, and I'd wish for a turkey sandwich. That way, I know I'd get at least one of my wishes.

So tell us, Meghan... does Ash prefer boxers or brief- Yeesh! Put the sword down, Ash! We’re totally kidding! *was totally not kidding* Erm, so, Meghan... as you know, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. While not a tradition we imagine to be celebrated amongst the fey... if you could sneak Ash off to the land of mortals for the day, where would you love to take him?

Meghan: *Giggles* "Don't worry, Ash, I won't tell them. Some things are better left a mystery. ;-) And if I could go on a Valentine's date, I'd probably drag him to the movies. And watch some sort of sappy romantic comedy. In the back row. In the dark.

Ash: *Looks mildly confused.* "Is this a type of human movie-watching ritual I don't know about?"

Puck: "Don't worry, ice-boy. You won't remember much about the movie, anyway."

Grimalkin, we thought we’d consult the wisest kitty.... er, we mean the most DIGNIFIED AND SOPHISTICATED CAT in all of Nevernever on the fierce war that has raged between Team Ash and Team Puck fans. (Some are even sporting Team Grimalkin badges!). What are you thoughts on this? Have you secretly taken a side?

Grimalkin: "Please. Do not insult me with such ridiculous questions. I do not choose "sides" human. To do so implies I care about such trivial matters. And I have much more important things to worry about."

Puck: "Yeah, we all love you too, Furball."

What do you guys think of Julie’s next project involving vampires? Do you think you faeries have some fierce competition on their hands?

Puck: "Vampires? Come on, who can replace ME?"

Ash: "A challenge would be nice. I hope at least one of them can swing a sword."

Meghan: "Vampires have been around forever. I don't think we're in any danger of being forgotten.

Grimalkin: *Yawns*

I think Grim needs some perking up.... Puck can teach him how to play fetch, perhaps? *ruffles his fur* Naww, don't get all hissy and scratchy! Don't you guys just LOVE these characters? Have you read The Iron Fey? Or eager to become a fan? And who else is counting down the days until the release of The Immortal Rules?!

Julie actually wrote a short story inspired by Valentine's Day which sees Meghan taking Ash into the human world to experience this human tradition - it's so sweet! Head over to her website to read it!

Full schedule of events can be found HERE.
We have TONS of giveaways for you to enter, but things are coming to a wrap soon, so hurry!


  1. Hilarious and GREAT interview! :D

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mish Ash... and Puck! *sobs* Can't believe The Iron Fey series is finished!!! But I can't wait for The Immortal Rules! What an awesome character interview, Brodie and Julie! Thank you for sharing this with us! <3

  3. *smirk* NOW I WONDER, I REALLY, REALLY WONDER WHO THAT BLOGGY FRIEND WAS WHO USHERED YOU INTO READING THE BOOKS. XD *stares at the culprit* BOOK POLICE!! Come out, come out wherever you areeeeee. ;) GUILTY AS CHARGED!

    *bounces around the room* ASH. PUCK. MEGHAN. I NEED. TO. READ. ABOUT YOU. OI ASH! YOU'RE MY BOOK BOYFRIEND! GET OVER HERE! *glomps* Need this series so badly. foasdhsdufhosdahfsdoahfbsdl. so many freaking EMOTIONS. Argh.

    Thought I should just point out I've spent the night studying Psychology for my test tomorrow. *twiddles thumbs* No. I'm not high. o_O What made you say that? WHAT I ASK?

    *bangs fist on tail* THERE IS A CAT? Christ now I want these books even more. There's a character who's a freaking CAT. HELLO. WHY wasn't I informed about this?!

    OMG The Immortal Rules looks like it's going to be aaaaaaaaaaaaamazing! *grins* I must read that least within a year of its release data. XD



      *nods solemnly* There is a cat. And he is moody. And no one can resist him. He is funny. That is all.

      And, OF COURSE, we can't tell that you've been up all night. No way ;)

    2. Ahhhh I am so excited to read this series. XD I am missing out on something WAY TOO BIG!

      I'm attracted to books with cats. aka anything cassandra clare writes. and now this AS WELL? Why are these books not on my shelf?!

      OH no, definitely not. ;) There was no reason for you to suspect that AT ALL. *shifty eyes*

    3. *jumps in* mean MEEE?!?!
      I'm not the only one who pestered Brodie to read this!! I believe 90% of her blogger friends were screaming at her to READ THIS SERIES. AND ALICE- WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ IT YET? HUH?

  4. Eee! The iron Fey interviews are the best- and the funniest! And great job on getting the wisest kitty to join you! :D Ah, I miss Puck and Meghan... And ASH, of course! ;)

  5. Oh, I'M SO HAPPY. I've missed blogging, and what a perfect interview to come back to! :D

    I LOVE THE IRON FEY SERIES, and I'm so glad you've finally read them, Brodie. And this interview is exactly why EVERYONE should read them.

    Can't. Wait. For. IMMORTAL RULES.

    - Asher K.

  6. That was brilliant!!! So glad you're a converted Iron Fey fan Brodie. It was something that needed to be done!! Love, love, LOOOVED that interview. I'm with Celine--I'm heartbroken the series is over (although we can always re-read :D) but I cannot wait for The Immortal Rules!!!

    Oh. If you ever find out the answer to that boxers or briefs question be sure to let me know ;)

  7. PUCK! ASH! MEGHAN! LOVE IT! Awesome interview, Brodie!

  8. I have the biggest smile on my face. Puck calling Ash "ice boy"!!! Love it.

    I miss these characters so much already. Grim <3!

    A very cute interview and I am looking forward to Julie's next book.

  9. Ok, so I read The Iron King, and wasn't a huge fan. I have the next two books in the series, because I was intrigued enough to think I'd eventually get to them, but was still a bit meh. HOWEVER... after this interview, and remembering how funny Puck is... I might have to pick up book 2 soon! Thanks Brodie! :)

  10. I can't belive that I still haven't read this series yet!
    Love the interview! They're so funny :)

  11. OMG!!!!!

    Yea, Julie is a goddess. Can't wait for the new always!

  12. So, so, so incredibly funny! Loved the interview it was awesome.
    And their reaction to vampires! Priceless!

  13. great interview, i'm only waiting to receive the first book to discover this serie ( i've only the last one so a bit difficult and i like to read in order)

  14. Such a fun interview! I laughed every time Puck said "ice boy" :D

  15. Oh my gosh, JULIE KAGAWA!!! <3 If I had an author tea party and I could invite any authors I wanted, Julie would be one of the first one my list because she's SO amazing and funny!! And this interview proves my case a million times over! :) LOL I kind of wish that Meghan would answer about Ash's boxers or briefs -- and GRIMALKIN! Ohhhh my sweet goodness, I love that kitty so much! He makes me want to be more of a cat person! x)

    Amazing amazing interview, you guys! But what else can we really expect with Julie's characters, Lisa, and you in the room, Brodie? ;) SO pumped up for The Immortal Rules!!! <3

  16. Lol Grimalkin! I love his casual disdain :P. And I love the way Puck and Ash communicate with each other. It's all sarcasm and insults - wonderful! :P I've always seen Ash as a boxers person myself...:P. Thanks for the great interview! Looking forward to The Immortal Rules :).

  17. LOL LOVE IT! I *just* started reading this series and adore it already...can't wait to get to know all these characters more

    The Cait Files

  18. Aww, this was totally hilarious! Love that Ash :)

  19. BEST. INTERVIEW. EVER! Okay, not to that extent, but close. I really did like it. Puck was funny as ever! :D

  20. ASHHHHHHHHH<33333
    I'VE MISSED YOUUU <3 *sigh* Brodie and Lisa must've FORCED you to do this interview, eh? I'll apologise on their behalf but I'M STILL GLAD YOU WERE ABLE TO CLIMB OUT OF YOUR LITTLE HOLE AND GREET US! <3

  21. Such a nice interview! I really liked it :)
    Can't wait to see what The Immortal Rules is all about!

  22. I just read it the other week and LOVED it! Seriously, it's awesome. And I love the interview! Hahaha, the boxers or briefs one and the totally not kidding comment... *giggles*

    I so can't wait for The Immortal Rules! Sounds super good. o:

  23. Love it! Ash is so clueless sometimes :) Cannot wait for The Immortal Rules!!

  24. I've only read the first book so far, but I fell so in love with Grim! :-D I'm looking forward to continuing the series and also can't wait for The Immortal Rules! Thanks for this interview!

  25. While i don't know what The Iron Fey series is about, it still sounds pretty good. I suppose i won't mind reading it.


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