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Valentine's Blog Event: Excerpt - BOURNE by Lisa Bergren

It's our second last day of posting! *tear* But what better way to treat you, as the month draws to an end, than with an excerpt from Lisa Bergren's e-novella, BOURNE! If you haven't read the Waterfall series yet, the below excerpt does contain SPOILERS! So isn't now as good a time as any to start Waterfall?!

This series is amazing. Sisters Gabriella and Lia Beterrini accidentally time-travel back to 14th century Italy... smack-bang in the middle of battle. These books are filled to the brim with action, suspense, danger, family loyalty and romance! Not convinced? Even after reading my reviews of WATERFALL and CASCADE?  I'm hurt, but maybe reading an excerpt of the first book will tempt you? Go, go, go!

Excerpt - From Chapter 3 of BOURNE by Lisa Bergren


My eyes moved up to the guards on the walls and saw that they watched me, recognized my tears. Their faces told me they noted my compassion, bonded with me further because of it. But I looked away, unable to bear it. How long until they, too, were like these before me?

“Patrol approaches!” called out a guard. “And a second, right behind them!”

Rodolfo rode in first at a canter, astride his massive gray gelding, and caught sight of me and my tearstained face before I could duck my head. His men were right behind him, two of them clearly wounded. But his attention was solely on me. He whirled his horse around and dismounted before he was fully at a stop. He hurried over to me and eased an arm around my shoulders. “Gabriella,” he said, his voice a moan in shared grief before he even knew what pained me. “Is it Marcello?”

I glanced at him in confusion. His tone held both fear and hope. Which outweighed the other? “Nay,” I said, shaking my head and sliding out of his uncomfortably familiar embrace. The guards…everyone would see! See his obvious attention, undue care…

“Then what burdens you so?” he asked, still holding my hand in both of his, insistent.

But then the second patrol rode in, Luca at the front, his face a mask of fury. I did a double take, so unfamiliar was his expression. Gone was the playful, fun Luca; in his place was solely a warrior on point. “Greco!” he screamed, charging toward us.

I frowned in confusion and alarm. Rodolfo took my hand and pulled me to the right to avoid Luca’s horse, but this seemed to only aggravate Luca further. He jumped to the ground and ran toward us. Rodolfo eased me behind him, just before Luca struck him. Hard. A massive belt to the cheek.

Rodolfo stumbled to the side, but kept his feet. And my hand.

“Luca!” I cried, reaching out toward him with my other.

But he ignored me, his attention only on Rodolfo. “Unhand m’lord’s wife,” he seethed.

Rodolfo let go of my hand and lifted both of his to the air in a sign of submission. Luca moved so close that they were chest to chest, his face a snarl of challenge, while Rodolfo’s was resigned.

“Nay! Stop!” I cried, trying to part them but failing. “What…what has transpired?”

“This man,” Luca seethed, tapping Rodolfo’s chest as if he wanted to pierce it, “went out there”—he gestured angrily above the wall—“with a wish to meet the Angel of Death.”

I glanced back in confusion, but Rodolfo just slowly wiped the blood from a small cut in his cheek and stared hard at Luca.

“Of what do you speak?” I asked Luca, fully facing him now.

“We came across more Fiorentini,” he said, pacing, shaking his head as if trying to figure it out himself. “I commanded he hold in formation, to wait, but Rodolfo charged, instead. But for the hand of God, they all might’ve been killed.”

“I knew you would come to our aid in time,” Rodolfo said in a monotone. I gave him a hard look, but he wouldn’t return my gaze, still watching Luca as if he couldn’t be trusted. Which he probably couldn’t. The other men formed a semicircle around us, watching. Waiting.

“Why?” I asked. “Luca is the captain in charge of any knight that departs these gates. Even you, so new to us, understood this.”

Still, Rodolfo wouldn’t look at me.

Luca neared again, and Rodolfo tensed. Luca was shorter than Rodolfo by several inches, but you’d never know it by his demeanor. He got right up into Rodolfo’s face again. “Because he’s wracked by guilt,” Luca said.

He looked over at me meaningfully, and I felt an arrow go through my heart. What was that? Guilt over my own memories?

Others neared. My Dad, with Tomas. Captain Pezzati and his patrol rode in. “Let us go to the Great Hall and speak of this in private,” I said.

“Nay!” Luca shouted, making me jump. His face collapsed in sorrow. He shook his head and rubbed his neck with a grimy hand, which he then lifted to me, begging me in gesture. “Forgive me, m’lady, but permit me to see this through. In Marcello’s absence…”
He took my silence as all the permission he needed. He moved toward Rodolfo again. “You are my brother.” He angrily rolled up his sleeve and lifted the tattoo into his line of vision. He snorted in derision. “You may as well be my brother by blood.” He dropped his sleeve and lifted both hands to grip Rodolfo’s shirt. “You have sacrificed everything, everything for Siena. For this house. For these people.” He leaned in, inches away from Rodolfo’s face again. “And I shall not let you kill yourself as a means of appeasing the pain.”

 Three Valentine-worthy Knights! Which Team are you on?

Whoa, intense!! Have you ordered your copy of BOURNE yet? Or if you're not yet up to the novella (which is set after Torrent), do you plan on reading the series? These are such addictively absorbing novels, you MUST add them to your wishlists!

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  1. Thanks for the spoiler warning!

    The books sound really intriguing though - being set back to the 14th century! Wow, sounds scary and exciting at the same time! :D

  2. Second last day of posting?? AWWW. :( Sadness! This event was so much fun and I'm going to miss falling in love with characters I've met and never met before! Really makes me glad that this is a leap year LOL! x)

    And this was such a tempting post!! Call me crazy, but I STILL haven't picked this series up even though everyone keeps telling me too -- but now I'm going to go jump on your reviews and read that first chapter too! If you say I must, I definitely will! ;) I'm excited! :) <3

    1. I can't believe it's the second last day. :( :( I really wish that we were able to have something like this every month - even if there were no giveaways involved!

      LOL yes. YAY for leapyear! XD

  3. Nice excerpt! Though I don't really know what everything is about, since I haven't read the series yet.

  4. i've read only the first books and i love them i can't wait for book 3

  5. I'm gonna be honest and say I only skimmed that excerpt cos I'm yet to read this series, although I really want to, and didn't want to spoil myself too much. This is one of those series that look fab but I can never find the time to get around to reading. Looks so good though!

  6. I didn't read the extract as I haven't read this series, but I followed the goodreads link. Sounds pretty good! May have to check it out at some point :)

  7. Thanks for the warning!! SO sad to see this event end :(

  8. AAAA! I want to read the Waterfall series!!!! I also skimmed the excerpt because I haven't read the series! :( But I am completely convinced to read the books after this excerpt!!

    Also, *sobs* why is the month almost OVER???! Brodie and Lisa, you've made every single day in February a FANTABULOUS AMAZING AWESOME day! Thank you so much! <3

    1. I know how you feel. <3 I need to read these books as well! ARGH. And it's so sad that it's ending frammit. :( :( I loved this event! We need something like this every month!


    I'm so getting my mom to order me my own copy! Love this series something fierce, borderline insane! I love my Italian men, and their women. :)


  10. Awww, no! It's coming to an end already. :(

    I won't read the post, as I've been planning to read the series and prefer not to come across too many spoilers, but I'm super curious about it! Have heard really great things!

  11. Since I haven't read any book in the series, I didn't read it. But I can't wait!

  12. Im not up to date yet unfortunately, still on Cascade, so I didn't read the excerpt yet. Love this series though. Don't want to see it end :(

  13. I have yet to read these books of Bergren's but they sound awesome!

  14. Ahhhhhh OMG OMG OMG. I really need to read this book! Well, this series more rather. I've heard such amazing things about it and you're just making me CRAVEEE it .:D

    SPOILERS AHEAD ME HEARTY? BLIMEY. I CAN'T EVEN READ THE MAJORITY OF THIS POST. Fraaaaaaaaaaamit. Oh well. I'll just sit here, and get all excited about wanting these books.

    *is very excited*

  15. Ok, so I didn't read the excerpt, if only because I have yet to read this series! But! I have Waterfall sitting right over there *points* and will definitely be reading it asap...and so I don't want to be spoiled, even a little. I keep hearing such amazing things about this series so I can't wait to find out for myself! :-D Thanks for the spoiler warning, I appreciate it!

  16. Ahhh I still need to read Torrent so I can't read this yet! But I LOVE the series so far -- the characters are all so fierce and strong! I'll definitely be finishing this series soon :D

  17. Okay so i'm just not going to read this.. But seriously spoilers of 3 books?! That's a lot! Better not risk it.

  18. Aw, I had to skip the excerpt! Haven't read Waterfall yet, but dying to! The covers look so pretty! :D

    I'm so sad that this event's coming to an end. :( It's been awesome!

  19. Yay! Thanks for including me in your Valentine's extravaganza!


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