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Valentine's Blog Event: Guest Post & Teaser - Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! We've hit the halfway mark in our February lovefest - have you been enjoying the posts so far? We certainly have! And since today is the day that inspired it all, what better way to celebrate than with a post all about SEXUAL TENSION?

You've heard of Wendy Higgins, right? Author of upcoming debut, SWEET EVIL? Yeah. THAT BOOK. With the dark and seductive guy on the cover! Well she's treated us to a double hit of lust today with a guest post on how she writes romantic tension AND just to emphasis things, SHE'S GIVEN US A TEASER OF SWEET EVIL. And it's hot. Who needs a date today when you can curl up with a swoony book boy?
Wendy Higgins - Guest Post & Sexy Teaser

Mmm…tension. My favorite element in a story. It’s the thing that makes me cling to each word and turn pages long past the point of midnight exhaustion. Many forms of tension can drive a story, but my personal favorite is the ever-delicious romantic tension. Ooh-la-la. As a writer I will tweak a scene a thousand times to try and get the tension just right. It’s the tiny nuances: the gazes and flutters, perfectly placed touches and dialogue that hints or slaps when necessary. But it’s also in what’s not said. There’s a fine balance to the timing of when things should happen or be revealed. You need to give enough away so as not to frustrate the reader, but you don’t want to go overboard into corny territory where all tension is lost. How do you know when you’ve gotten it right? Two ways: have a trusted fellow writer critique for you, and take some time away from the project to work on something else. When you read it again after a bit of time you’ll see it with fresh eyes.

I’m going to share with you a tension-building excerpt from my upcoming novel Sweet Evil (May 1, 2012). This scene was fun to write and sustained many tweaks. The MC, Anna, has been smelling a particular scent now and then from Kaidan, and in this scene she is attempting to discover the source. FYI--the Nephilim can see auras and they each have supernatural starbursts at their chests called “badges” which depict the sins they are plagued with…

My face was on fire as Kaidan stepped into the small bathroom and leaned against the counter, crossing his arms over his chest. I stepped away. He seemed entertained by my predicament.  
            “I haven’t been wearing any cologne.”  
            “Oh.” I cleared my throat. “Well, I didn’t see any so I thought it might be your deodorant, but that’s not it either. Maybe it’s your laundry detergent or something. Let’s just forget about it.”  
            “What is it you smell, exactly?” His voice took on a husky quality, and it felt like he was taking up a lot of room. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. Something strange was going on here. I stepped back, hitting the tub with my heel as I tried to put the scent into words.  
            “I don’t know. It’s like citrus and the forest or something… leaves and tree sap. I can’t explain it.”

             His eyes bore into mine while he wore that trademark sexy smirk, arms still crossed.  
            “Citrus?” he asked. “Like lemons?”  
            “Oranges mostly. And a little lime, too.” He nodded and flicked his head to the side to get hair out of his eyes. Then his smile disappeared and his badge throbbed.  
            “What you smell are my pheromones, Anna.”  
            A small, nervous laugh burst from my throat, then it closed up and I crossed my arms. Pheromones weren’t real. Were they? Based on the serious look in his eyes, they were.  
            “Oh, okay then. Well…” I eyed the small space that was available to pass through the door. I made an awkward move toward it but he shifted his body and I stepped back again.  
            “People can’t usually smell pheromones,” he told me. “You must be using your extra senses without realizing it. I’ve heard of Neph losing control of their senses with certain emotions. Fear, surprise, …lust.”  
            I rubbed my hands up and down my upper arms, wanting nothing more than to veer this conversation out of the danger zone.  
            “Yeah, I do have a hard time reigning in the scent sometimes,” I babbled. “It even gets away from me while I sleep now and then. I wake up thinking Patti’s making cinnamon rolls and it ends up being from someone else’s apartment. Then I’m just stuck with cereal. Anyway…”  
            “Would you like to know your own scent?” he asked me.  
            My heart swelled up big in my chest and squeezed small again. This whole scent thing was way too sensual to be discussed in this small space. Any second now my traitorous body would be emitting some of those pheromones and there’d be red in my aura.  
            “Uh, not really,” I said, keeping my eyes averted. “I think I should probably go.”  
            He made no attempt to move out of the doorway.  
            “You smell like pears with freesia undertones.”  
            “Wow, okay.” I cleared my throat, still refusing eye contact. I had to get out of there. “I think I’ll just…” I pointed to the door and began to shuffle past him, doing my best not to brush up against him. He finally took a step back and put his hands up by his sides to show he wouldn’t touch me. I broke out of the confined bathroom and took a deep breath. 

I wish you lots of yummy romantic tension this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s the real-life kind or the fabulous novel-in-your-hands kind. Happy Heart Day, lovelies!

Did somebody light a fire in here? Or is that just my aura pulsing red red red?! Thanks so much for the SMOKING teaser, Wendy!! I'm especially excited to meet the delectable Kaidan. He is welcome to corner me in any bathroom he likes..... or bedroom *cough* Anywho, who else is excited to read Sweet Evil?!

Whether you're spending the day with someone special or just inside the pages of a novel, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Lisa also has a super swoony character interview and teaser from Aimee Agresti's ILLUMINATE, a book she LOVED!! Go check it out!


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  1. Must. Have. This. Book!!!!!! Squeeeee! So eager for this book. This teaser just enhances why it looks so brilliant.

  2. Oh, I am definitely excited to read this book! Ahhh it sounds great and the title is so mysteriously intriguing. I like the light/dark effect going on.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I can't wait to read this book! Great post by the way! But the teaser . . . man I need this book now! I just hope this book rocks my socks off(since I've read some mixed reviews and I have my reservations with the plot)!

  4. *swoon* LOVE the teaser. So excited for this book! <3

  5. Totally excited for this book. I loved the teaser.
    And the cover! *swoon*

  6. Wow, interesting scene, sure is a great book :)
    Happy VDay, to you too, Brodie! And to you all!

  7. WOW *fans self* yea....*swoon*. I MUST get this book...stat!

  8. Sounds like a fun read for Valentine's Day!

  9. Wendy writes incredible tension and Kaidan is my all time favorite book boy! Great post.

    1. AH! I've seen your review for Sweet Evil on Goodreads! I may or may not have given you the glare of jealousy many times hehe. I am so so so excited to read this and especially to meet Kaidan!

      And about my blog header - thanks! I ADORE it aswell, it was made by a super talented artist on deviantart (her details are on the bottom of the right sidebar)

  10. Oh, and the header on this blog is soooo pretty!

  11. Hot DAMN! I think i'm already in love with this BOYY! AWESOME teaser! *fans self*

  12. Oh wow. Definitely excited to read this! That teaser was awesome! Thank you so much :).

  13. Wow. Just wow. I can't wait to read this book. :D

  14. OMG, This is one of the books I can't wait to read this year! I am so dying dying DYING to read this!! What an awesome teaser, thank you very much for sharing this with us! <3

  15. Ahhhhh this book sounds absolutely AMAZING. Can't wait to read it! This teaser was absolutely AWESOME. SO EXCITED TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS. <33 Thank you soo much for sharing! :D

  16. Thanks for having me, Brodie! It's been fun. :)

  17. Oh. My. Gosh. o.o Love it!! And now I totally want this one more than I ever did before. *adds to next WoW post and fans self*

  18. I am massivly excited for Sweet Evil. Kaiden sounds like a delicious bad boy whom I wouldn't mind getting to know. Love the teaser. Thank you Wendy :)

  19. Romantic tension is hard to write but damn, that teaser was perfect! And Kaiden! I have officially found a new book boy to obsess over <3 Awesome post!

  20. This book sounds great and that scene.... AHHH! I can't wait to read that. Thank you!

  21. I completely agree with Higgins' view of tension, "It’s the tiny nuances: the gazes and flutters, perfectly placed touches and dialogue that hints or slaps when necessary." Sometimes just the smallest gesture gets to me while reading, those are the best, the kind that give you shivers. Great teaser!

  22. Whoa. Okay, this book has now become a MUST read! Plus that cover- amazing!

  23. Ok, someone needs to put this book in my hands RIGHT NOW! Please? Omgosh, that was hot. Hot, and awkward. Talk about intimate and personal, and woah! Another book to add to the wishlist.

  24. I have no words because I'm a puddle of goo right now. Wow. That was just...yummy. Seriously, seriously yummy. I think I'm going to go sit under my fan for a moment now. Ahem.

    PS. Wendy definitely knows what she's doing with the romantic tension. Oh yes.

  25. That definitely has a lot of tension. So much tension in the teaser, i'm certain it's going to be a good read.

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