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Valentine's Blog Event: Guest Post - Rebecca Lim

You might have seen my reviews for Mercy, Exile and Muse last year when I discovered this series thanks to the amazing Lara at Harper Collins. Suffice it to say, Rebecca Lim 110% hooked me in! Mercy's story is so different to what we've come to expect from the majority of angel books in YA and while I've loved many of them, it's so nice to have that change of pace! Rebecca offers a fresh new story and much more, with her gorgeous writing and terribly cruel cliffhangers that make you AGGGHHH until the next book is out!

So before you all go running to add the Mercy series to your Goodreads lists, have a read below, as Rebecca has generously taken time from her busy schedule to share her thoughts on love in YA!
Guest Post - Rebecca Lim

Love is one of the most complicated, thrilling things each and every one of us will be hit with in our life times. And it’s something that YA literature is steeped in.

Want a love triangle or love hexagon featuring hot supernatural boys? YA lit has it.

Want creepy, stalker love, or love that is continually reincarnated, or love from beyond the grave? Got that, too.

It may seem that the world of young adult literature is bursting with inconceivable ideas of love, but it’s just a reflective, refractive view of what goes on in the “real” world.

We’re a complicated species, and we’re at a fantastic point in our literary evolution – we’re grown up enough to write and read about love that isn’t necessarily rooted in 1950s notions of what a family or relationship should be.

So we’ve got vampire families and zombie single dads, gay martial arts practising bodyguards and girlfriends who are undead or see dead people. And it’s not crazy; it’s just the human condition to work things through in our art forms. And don’t believe what the critics say, a lot of young adult work is imaginative art, pure and simple.

Happy reading and Happy Valentine’s Day, people. May you get the kind of love you long for and deserve.

I so love this post! And especially her last paragraph, so true, so inspiring and so makes me want to read about zombie single dads. And you can't tell me I'm the only one who finds the above Australian covers for the series series absolutely breathtaking?! They are STUNNING! I cannot wait to get my hands on Fury in May!


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  1. The Australian covers for this series are absolutely AMAZING. <3 I think I want to buy this series here rather than online just to get my hands on these beautiful covers! :D

    I totally agree with what she has to say about love in YA. <3 STFU critics, YA love can be absolutely beautiful!

    Sooooooooo need to read this series. ARGH.

  2. Great post! I don't even know why I like to read YA books because I usually don't like the romance in it. That's because I always pick the wrong team.
    Those covers are stunning!

  3. Oh my gosh, this guest post is so perfect! <3 Personally, I think that YA is the best genre (for me!) out there because it's so creative and imaginative and fun to read, so it always shocks me when people say it's downright terrible! I don't think so at all. That's why I ADORE this line: "And don’t believe what the critics say, a lot of young adult work is imaginative art, pure and simple." It really is! YA can be just so beautiful sometimes, you know? :)

    Rebecca Lim, you are my newest hero!! <3 I just added your books to my TBR pile now and I can't wait to read them! :)

  4. The covers really are beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to this series, I haven't heard of it before. :)

  5. The covers are so pretty :). I love them! And I also agree with the last paragraph - there's so much more to YA than all the critics believe! :)

  6. I have never read the Mercy series though I'm really interested! She's also an Aussie author so the more reason I have to read it! What an awesome guest post, Rebecca & Brodie!! <3

  7. have never read the Mercy series though I'm really interested

  8. Fantastic guest post! You know, I've wanted to read this series, but just never got round to buying the first book. I might have to do that soon... Thanks, Brodie!

  9. It's just ridiculous how gorgeous those covers are!! Loved the post. Well done!

  10. I really need to read this series. Hopefully I can soon, lol. And I agree!! The Aussie covers are stunning! And they look so epic together. What a wonderful guest post <3

  11. Wow, those covers are amazing! I want those on my bookshelf! :P

    Awesome post! I do believe that Strange Angels has zombie single dads in it. ;)

  12. This post couldn't be anymore true. Except I haven't read anything about stalker love (yet). :D
    And Strange Angels has zombie single dads. Too bad only for the first book.

  13. These covers are SOOO GORGEOUS <3 I want ALL of them on my shelf!

    "May you get the kind of love you long for and deserve." AWWWWWWW <3 Meee hopes so too! hahaa

    LOL Zombie single dads? What book's this from?!?! Definitely sounds like one I'll enjoy! <3

    I loveee this post!YA love <3

  14. Those covers are absolutely breathtaking!!! The color saturations, I could stare at them all day.

  15. Gosh, the covers truly are gorgeous. o.o I could get the books just to be able to pet them! Lol. But since they sound awesome anyway, I'll most likely devour them as well!

    I really love this post too! I think it's definitely true and, yes, inspiring! LOL, and it'd be quite interesting to read about zombie single dads too... ;)

  16. Beautiful guest post! I love it! It's so true...that's why I love YA! :-D Though, uh, can someone tell me where the gay martial arts practicing bodyguards are from? I think I've missed that!

  17. I really loved this post.
    The covers are gorgeous, I've been gazing at them for the past five minutes.

  18. Wow, the covers are brilliant, especially the Fury cover.

  19. I love this series!! I am counting down the days till Fury is released and I can't wait! And the Australian covers are gorgeous. I love how they all match, and the colours!

  20. The covers are so beautifully coloured! And the post is exactly why i lurve reading ya.


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