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Aussie Blog Tour: Andrea Cremer - Guest Post

I am beyond excited to welcome the beautiful and crazy talented, international bestselling author of the Nightshade series, Andrea Cremer!! I know, my inner fangirl is currently stuck on 'Squeeeeeee!" aswell! The amazing Laura at Hachette Australia offered a bunch of us book bloggers the opportunity to pick Andrea's brains as she travels around the Aussie blogosphere this month. Huge thanks to both Laura and Andrea for making this happen!

And also thanks to Braiden for helping me come up with a topic idea for Andrea :) Below she talks about her wolfy inspirations and how she as a child, revelled in the magic of these stunning animals <3


I was raised in the woods. Okay, so that might be an exaggeration, but it’s not too much of a stretch. My hometown, population 8,000, is nestled on the South Shore of Lake Superior and is surrounded by the Chequamegon National Forest. My house was on the edge of town, the forest my backyard. I spent my days roaming the woods, building forts, and creating imaginary worlds.

The wilderness offered endless adventures and wonder. I loved the solitude of the forests and their serenity. Though I spent hours and hours exploring the forests, the vast woods never frightened me, nor did the animals that inhabited the caves, trees, and hollows. I stayed in the woods until dusk, finding game trails and thinking up names for each creek, valley, and meadow I discovered.

A child ruled by her imagination, I often thought that it would be delightful to have an animal companion at my side in these explorations. My best friend (who joined me in many forest adventures) and I conjured up golden foxes that we named and pretended trotted at our heels while we explored. The golden foxes were lovely, but they couldn’t quite match the marvel of running wild with a pack of wolves. Mind you, these wolves were imagined, but the source of my fascination with wolves came from real sources. Wolves of all varieties fascinate me, but I’ve always had a particular affinity for gray wolves and timber wolves as geographically those species were the ones who inhabited regions similar to my own beloved woods.

I watched National Geographic and Nature specials on television, sopping up any information I could get about wolves, their packs, and their lives. The movies Adventures of Natty Gann and Never Cry Wolf furthered my perception that wolves were friends, not enemies. I loved Jean Craighead George’s novel, Julie of the Wolves, and Ayla from Jean M. Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series who fostered wild animals (including a wolf and a lion) so they became her loyal companions. The overarching theme of my wolfish education was that humans and animals live best in respect and harmony, that we should regard one another with reverence rather than hostility.

When Calla Tor jumped into my head, insisting that her tale be told, I struggled with how I would write a novel about a she were-wolf because of how every werewolf story I’d encountered offered up a horrid beast that was nothing like the wolves I’d always loved. I soon realized that the only way I could write Nightshade was to give Calla and her pack the ability I’d wished for as a dreaming girl – to be able to live and fight as both human and wolf and not be mashed into some horrible, monstrous combination of the two.

I love what a vivid imaginations she and her best friend shared as children. And it's certainly a skill that's been a great asset to her as an adult! Thank you so much for sharing your fascinating story with us today, Andrea!

Have you guys read the Nightshade series? Love them? Eager to become a fan? (Smart thinking!) There's also a prequel coming out later this year, RIFT, and if you've seen the cover, you'll know it's going to be all kinds of badass!


  1. Awesome post, Brodie! It's great to see the inspirations behind some of your favourite books especially when the author sort of experienced something much like the main character did . . . in Cremer's case it was the woods and the small town. Man - I wished I lived somewhere near the woods. Imagine all the childhood fun I could've had!

  2. That first line made me laugh, because my initial reaction was for my jaw to drop. I though the next line was going to be something like 'and then the wolves found me.' *LOL* But this is so cool, how Cremer developed her inspiration for this series. I'd be creeped out though, with the forest at my backyard. *shivers*


  3. This is such a lovely post! I wish we'd had a forest so close when I was growing up. I've had Nightshade on my TBR pile for AGES like, a year. REALLY need to get to it.

    The Cait Files

  4. I would have loved to live somewhere like that where I could roam the woods and build forts! Such a great post :). I, like Cait, have had Nightshade on my tbr for absolutely aaaages. Definitely need to read it!

  5. Ah! This is beautiful! Oh my goodness, I kind of felt like I was there, running with foxes and wolves along with her *sigh*

    AMAZING post! ♥

  6. I watched National Geographic religiously as a kid (that is, after we got satellite). I'd probably still watch it now, but unfortunately, the cable package that comes with our apartment doesn't have it.

  7. This was such an awesome guest post! It's so great to see where her inspiration comes from, and seeing that it stems from childhood imaginings! Just so cool! :D

  8. This was the most beautiful post <3 Wow. It is SO AMAZING to think of how Andrea was inspired by the woods and her own imagination to create the Nightshade series. I love the idea of a little Andrea Cremer running around doing this :) Kudos to you and Braiden for coming up with such an AWESOME topic!

    And duuuude, I hadn't even seen the Rift cover. I must now click on that link!


  9. That was very interesting to see how Andrea's characters came about. Great topic!! and yes Kudos to Braiden too:D

    Can anybody tell me how to buy Treachery. I seem to have trouble on Amazon. It said price unavailable, which I thought WT? to.

    Great Posting:D


  10. Thanks for the great post. I love those covers! They are so much nicer than the other ones.

  11. Fantastic post, Brodie!! Wowww...it would be so awesome to be raised in the woods, or somewhere surrounded by forests/nature...etc. her childhood must be filled with adventures and fun <3 Andrea's post actually reminds me of The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong! Their lives seem to be very similar :D Okayyyy...I'm actually considering reading this series now :S But it'll be pointless (in a way) since I already know the ending, but I'LL CONSIDER IT!

  12. Ohh, I love this post! And I loved that fact about Nightshade, that it does have those 'normal' wolves instead of beasts. I think it's one of the reasons I loved it so much, since I usually don't like many werewolves books. It was real different and fascinating! Awesome:)

  13. I love seeing what inspired the authors to write the books/series/etc that I love. The first line of this caused me mouth to open in a "WHAT?!" reaction. haha.

    Great guest post and thank you for sharing.


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