Saturday, March 10, 2012

Read the first chapter of STORM by Brigid Kemmerer!

Weee ooooo weee oooo *is a siren*
Your attention is needed over at Brigid Kemmerer's blog!

Remember that super awesome book I recently reviewed? The one with five hot boys? Four who are brothers... WHO CONTROL THE ELEMENTS. You may remember one in particular who plays with Fire from when he totally wanted to hook up with me? (Don't worry, I never plan to let any of you forget it).

Ringing a bell? Come on, you're not that dense.... add in one kickass heroine, simmer over a healthy dose of action, romance and emotional intensity and serve atop some snappy dialogue. Ha, don't lie, I can see you drooling already!

Well, to cut my rambling short, Brigid has posted the first chapter of STORM on her blog!! CUE THE SQUEE.

-Pauses for Squee-

Be warned, once you have a taste, you'll be BEGGING for more. But if you suffer from Impatience... uh, forget I said that. Just go read it. It's amazing!


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to reading this book! Sounds awesome! Thanks for the link!

  2. EEEE, this is awesome! I'm going to head on over to read in just a wee bit, but before I do...

    "you'll be BEGGING for me" <--- I'm assuming that's a typo, but oh, how I laughed! :D

    1. *FACEPALM* Yes. I meant MORE LOL. Fail, Brodie. Why isn't spell check designed to catch these kind of errors? :P

  3. Ooh thanks for the link! Really excited about this, can't wait to read it! :P

  4. Ahhhh I don't normally read book chapters before I've actually got the gorgeous book in my HANDS but I think I maaaaaaaaaay make an exception for this! <3 <3 <3 *runs off to read the chapter*


    Hehehehehe. Oh Brodie. You're never going to let us forget about Gabriel are you. ;)

    1. JFODSAFHDOSHUFSAODHUFSDUFU. LOVED IT. I'm totally already in love with Becca (not to mention I love the name Quinn so since that's her best friend that's a PLUS) and Chris is SO SWOONWORTHY. Ahhhh why weren't all the Merrick brothers there?!?! D: D: D:


    2. Buahahah Gabriel would be disappointed in me if I did :D

      EEEEE! Totally hooks you in with just one chapter, doesn't it? I reread when she posted and.... damn, *I* want to keep reading to see what happens next too! Even though I have. Which doesn't make sense. But it's addictive haha.

  5. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    I refuse to read it.
    I won't.
    I'm waiting for the book to come out...
    I am....
    Ugh. I'm so going to cave :(

    1. ...................... READ IT, SARAH! I mean, it will make up for all the times you have deliberately gone and read a spoiler or the last page in a book. You must pay the price by reading, loving and suffering 45 days of excruciating impatience until you can read mooooooore. GO. NOW!

  6. Replies
    1. JENA! This is YOUR kinda book. Trust me. I can't wait to see what you think when you read it!

  7. BRODIE!!!!! Share those four brothers with us, will you? I AM SO DYING TO READ THIS BOOK! I love both the US covers and the Aussie covers! I think the release date between each book is not so far away?

    I hope it is so I don't have to wait so long to read each book!!!!!!

    And like Alice, I don't normally read chapters of a bok before I actually have the book on my hands but if Brodie tells you to read it, then you read it! And...Storm is an exception! ;)


  8. i read it after i came home

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah/ running around my house/ i really really really want it now

  9. NOOOOOOOO! No no no no NO! Why do you do this to me?! D: There is no way that I'm going to be able to read that and not go crazy for the book...

    ... SO I won't read it, duh. That's right, Sonia. Stay strong. Remain firm. YOU CAN DO IT.

    *I can't do it*

    After reading:

    I have to wait 45 days before I can read the rest?! WHERE IS THAT TIME MACHINE WHEN I WANT IT?

    Thanks for sharing, Brodie :) (Man, I really need a nickname for you... Brodzilla? LOL)


  10. See now that isn't nice Brodie...hehe!! I want these boys NOW!!!!!!, so teasing us isn't nice, even if the author is technically doing it, you showed us the way:D:D

    I'm still giddy over the boys character interview...nommy nom nom:D


  11. is a happy world....


  12. :O :O :O *SQUEE*
    I soooooooo need to read that. But I bet I'll be regretting it when I'll be even more desperate for it's awesomeness. Buttttt... I have to! *runs over to read*

  13. OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH... *tries not to hyperventilate* That was such a teasingly amazing first chapter! I want to read this book so badly! I feel proud at guessing what kind of elemental Chris is -- although I guess it's kind of obvious LOL and I did read your AMAZING review on it before... x) But still, I'M SO EXCITED!

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Brodie! You made the wait more torturous and a little more bearable at the exact same time! ;) <3

  14. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read the rest. I have been majorly failing with keeping up with blogs due to the craziness that is life, but today is catch up day and OMG!!!!!!! I wants, wants, wants!

    Thank you for making me anticipate this amazing sounding book.

  15. Umm...Brodie, thanks for sharing this, BUT YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF A DISTRACTION THIS IS, HUH!?! Nooooooo! I will NOT read the first chapter, because I'm certain I'll DIE from the wait for the rest of the book!!! "hook up with me" Oh PUH-LEASE! Get over yourself, Brodie!!! I'm sure once Gabriel meets a British interviewer, he'll forget all about your Aussie accent and instantly fall head over heels in loveee with the British girl <3 heheeeeee but I still love you! hahaa


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