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Review: Catching Suki

Author: Sarah Alderson
Release Date: Already out!
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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The Unit are closing in and Demos needs one of his team to go deep cover.

Enter Suki.

Fashion obsessed, boy-crazy and more than a little kooky, Suki is a mind reader with a special talent for buying shoes and for listening in on private conversations.

Tasked with infiltrating the enemy (namely Jack and Alex) Suki rises to the challenge, leaving a trail of chaos, destruction (and a large room service bill) in her wake.

A prequel to the events of Hunting Lila and including many of the characters from the book, this short story told through Suki’s eyes, will have you laughing out loud and gripping the edge of your seat. 
Well, I HAD intended for this to be a 'mini' review since it's a short story, but... hah. Anyway, be sure to download your FREE copy of Catching Suki, while also supporting a fantastic cause! CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME!

If you've had the chance to read anything by Sarah Alderson, then you'll know she has a knack for creating bold protagonists coupled with deliciously addictive writing. Hunting Lila was one of the standout debuts of 2011, brimming with action, suspense, scorching sexual tension, sexy guys in uniform and one endearingly kickass heroine. But also demanding for their own time in the spotlight were a cast of secondary characters, each as fascinating as those in the leading roles. One in particular, by the name of Suki Nakamura.

Suki is just your average mind-reader, who has an obsession with shoes and rabid appreciation for hot guys. She's perfect in her own beautiful and hilariously flawed way. She had me laughing out loud so many times with the thoughts that ran through her head (or often unintentionally shot from her mouth). She's such a vibrant narrator and sure, she's a little reckless at times, she forgets to add a filter before opening her mouth or forgoes the act of thinking before acting. But all this leads to highly entertaining reading, even though it may force the poor girl into some sticky situations.

I loved digging around inside her head, because her thoughts are so infectious. Trust me, when Suki goes off on a tangent about hot guys, your own mind will wander to unsavoury places. And when presented with the opportunity to admire Alex's... er... weapons.. heh, perhaps this short story isn't so short afterall, when you take a half-hour break to try daydream such fantasies into reality. I mean, he is a marine. And he wears a uniform. And he rides a motorcycle. And he's Alex Wakeman, PEOPLE. Duh.

For those who've read Lila, it's fun to gain a new appreciation for those moments we only saw from Lila's perspective, like Jack and Alex's reaction when she sends the text that she's coming to L.A or when Lila meets Suki for the first time. Fans will devour this additional glimpse into Lila and Suki's world, narrated by an adorable personality who manages to leave a lasting impression during her own 20 pages of fame. I am so excited to see more of her and the others in Losing Lila. Catching Suki is a welcome invite back into the lives that so many of us Alderson fans have grown to love, adding a few extra fun-filled and intense layers to the story.

Those who have yet to fall prey to Lila's captivating tale - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? - will still be swept up in this short, yet ridiculously fun taste of Sarah's writing and you'll no doubt enjoy sampling the many fabulous characters you have to look forward to when you read Hunting Lila. Because you are going to read it, right? RIGHT?

Those of you who have yet to fall prey to Lila's captivating tale.... pay absolutely no attention to me and listen to what Jo wrote in the comments. Catching Suki does contain some spoilers. It's best read as a companion to Hunting Lila, when you can gain full appreciation for the events unfolding and also remain spoiler-free during your Lila reading experience. I still highly recommend downloading it now, because it's free and you're supporting such a worthy cause, but run out and grab Hunting Lila before you read it! And trust me, LILA IS WORTH IT.

4.5/5 Golden Apples!


  1. Great review, Brodie! Oh, I LOVED this short story! I want to be Suki's best friend, she is just adorable! I love her! :D

    Just a quick question - would you really recommend those who'vet yet read Hunting Lila to sample Alderson's writing with this story? It's just that I think... How to put this without being spoilery... in Hunting Lila, finding out certain things about a group of people is a surprise - at least it was to me - and I think if people read this before Hunting Lila, they won't be surprised by a certain group of people because, well, insider POV. Does this make sense? oD you know what I mean? I thought it would be better reading is after Hunting Lila, just so nothing is spoiled, and have made it clear in my review that I don't think people should read this first. Maybe I'm over-reacting. :)

    1. *facepalm* I SO did not think of that! Yes, absolutely, your point is totally valid and I completely agree. I'd hate for people to go in without prior knowledge of spoilers and then ruin their future reading experience of Hunting Lila.

      Thank you for pointing out that Brodie is a moron! haha. I edited my review! :)

    2. Ugh. I'm sorry, I just re-read my comment - I'm having keyboard issues lately; I press keys, but my computer ignored it. Sorry for all the typos!

      Nooo, not a moron! But I'm glad I didn't annoy you with my comment! :)

  2. EEEE! OK, I JUST downloaded it.

    Sounds like SO much fun! I LOVED Lila, and I'm so looking forward to reading this. Suki was so much fun in HL, and I'm really keen to see her side of the story :D

    EEEEEEE! I may or may not be sitting at my desk grinning like a loon over your review and Suki and boys and tangeants XD

    *SPINS* Hurry up, home time! WANT TO READ!

  3. Oh my gosh, I have the BIGGEST author-crush on Sarah Alderson!!! <3 She wrote Hunting Lila and she wrote Fated, so I think my fangirlish squeals for this novella (a.k.a. more SA awesomeness!) were totally justified! ;) And I loved having this novella from Suki's point of view too! She was SO hilariously sweet (just like Lila, but not like Lila at the same time!). And ohmygoshYES! Her contagious boy-ogling is one reason why she would fit perfectly into our swooning (not stalking) club! :D

    Even though you have to already know this because of how many times I say it (and because of how much it's all true, all day, all the time!): AMAZING REVIEW, BRODIE! <3

    Oh! Look at me abusing brackets in this comment... haha. Whoops! x)

  4. Great review!! I simple adore Hunting Lila and of course Catching Suki came as a surprise. I love it too! Now I'm looking forward to Losing Lila.

  5. BITCH GUESS WHAT I'VE READ HUNTING LILA! *does a boogie dance* SO HAVE NO FEAR, I KNOW WHAT Y'ALL ARE TALKING ABOUT. :D :D I've already downloaded my copy of Catching Suki and need to get around to reading it but I look forward to doing so. ;D I LOVEEEE Suki and think she was sooo adorable around Nate. <3 But I tend to think that they're just friends there. :P

    BUT EEEEK. ALEX WAKEMAN AND HIS RED MOTORBIKE. *massive swoon* I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT UNTIL LOSING LILA. FHSODAUFSDOAHUF. I need to get this book on my shelf! Maybe the cover will be focused on Alex's legs. Actually..scratch that, I mean his chest. ;) UNFFFF.

  6. "Those who have yet to fall prey to Lila's captivating tale - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? - will still be swept up in this short, yet ridiculously fun taste of Sarah's writing and you'll no doubt enjoy sampling the many fabulous characters you have to look forward to when you read Hunting Lila. Because you are going to read it, right? RIGHT?" Brodie's words of wisdom.

    True, very true!! I was a late comer and then ...I read Catching Suki, cause it was a freebie and it was supporting a good cause. I was like BAM!! Then I scrambled for my copy of Hunting Lila (it was tapping it's foot waiting for me to read it, it was very patient with me) and BAM!! ALEX humma humma humma...GI JOE BOYS ...well there is far more to the story but my fictional age gets a tad excitable sometimes....I do wanna a dolly though:D I am envisioning a cover with two GI JOE type boys on the cover with a motorbike in background....well there were legs and a skirt on book 1, it's not far fetched...dream big!

    I am again naughty and have Fated sitting here..again a late's tapping its foot, waiting for me...maybe I need Sarah to write a little ol novella that will get me snatching my Fated off the shelf...well it sounds like a good idea to get another quick book out of Sarah:D

    I need me some more Alex and that motorbike.....Losing Lila can't come quick enough.

    Wonderful review of Catching are making me all excited for Losing Lila....


  7. *cries* I want to read this so MUCH Brodie! *continues to cry* Great review!

  8. I really need to get a copy of this soon--think I'll visit the FB page soon and get it. Awesome review Brods! You totally sell this!

  9. Awesome review Brodie! I loved this one too! I completely agree that Sarah Alderson has a knack for creating great characters. I loved Hunting Lila and now seriously can't wait to start Fated. :D

  10. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA You review cracked me up! LOL I love how you can write so much about a 20 page novella/short story <3 I seriously cannot believe I haven't read it yet! I downloaded it and all..but..WHAT THE HELL HAVE I BEEN DOING!?! If ALEX is involved, then I'm DEFINITELY READING IT <333 EEEEEE! Excuse me while I go and devour this 20 page baby!

  11. Er, Brodie, I hope you don't kill me when I say that I have not read Catching Lila yet. BUT IT SOUNDS GOOD, AND I WANT TO READ IT SOON. :) This one sounds just as great? Mind-reader? How amazing. And Alex sounds so... well, swooooooon-worthy. So glad you enjoyed this short story, Brodie! Lovely review! <3

  12. Ahhh, I want! It sounds awesome. Just like everything she writes. ._. I'm so glad you liked it so much! I need to get itttt. Especially now that I have Hunting Lila to read too. o:

  13. LOL Brodie... I love your review <3

    Okay, I think you've done all that's humanly possible to try and get me to read Hunting Lila. I mean, I've read reviews, interviews, character interviews, guest posts, a deleted scene... WHAT THE FHKSDJFH IS WRONG WITH ME? I swear, when I finally get to the book, I'm going to spend an hour kicking myself (at least I hope I will!)

    Suki sounds like such a FUN character! Boy crazy and hilarious... sounds entertaining ;) And OOOOOH! Alex! I get to read about cute boys? Count me in.

    I've just downloaded this, but I'll wait until having read Hunting Lila to start it.

    Awesome review! <3


    1. Yes, you must! I've had it forever and I just read it this month. I don't know why I waited so long! I'm still processing how I want to review it, lol.

      Read, Sonia, read! :)

  14. I did the Facebook entry when it first went up and they NEVER sent me my ebook. I'm really upset now that I've caught up on my LILA!!

  15. I loved this little short story! In fact, I loved it so much that I re-read Hunting Lila after I finished it :P. Great review! :)

  16. *squeals* I want a better view into Suki's brain. But I'm just so lazy! *LOL* But a short story inside Suki's head... *debates internally*

    Awesome review! You've tempted me to forgo my lazy ways because I adored Hunting Lila, as you well know. Hmmm...


  17. Yay! I adore Sarah's work so I'm glad this one is just as good. I can't wait to get into Suki's head even if it's short! Donna xoxox


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