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Review: Revived by Cat Patrick

Author: Cat Patrick
Release Date: April 2nd AUS / May 1st US
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont / Little, Brown Books for Young Reades
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As a little girl, Daisy Appleby was killed in a school bus crash. Moments after the accident, she was brought back to life.

A secret government agency has developed a drug called Revive that can bring people back from the dead, and Daisy Appleby, a test subject, has been Revived five times in fifteen years. Daisy takes extraordinary risks, knowing that she can beat death, but each new death also means a new name, a new city, and a new life. When she meets Matt McKean, Daisy begins to question the moral implications of Revive, and as she discovers the agency’s true goals, she realizes she’s at the center of something much larger — and more sinister — than she ever imagined.
Cat Patrick throws us into the miracles of Daisy's life right from the beginning of the novel. It's not often the main character dies within the first two pages. Even rarer when she's walking, talking and travelling out of state by the third page. Cheating death is a natural phenomenon to Daisy. She should have died at the age of 5 when she was involved in a tragic accident, but instead she was selected for a secret scientific experiment to test a drug called Revive. Rightfully named, as it brings the gift of life back to it's subject with a well-timed injection. But with each death, she and the agents acting as her parents must relocate, adopting with new identities to avoid awkward questions like, "How the *BEEP* are you alive?!" After her fifth death, Daisy Appleby becomes Daisy West, and while she's accustomed to settling into a new school, she's not familiar with growing emotionally attached to people. But Omaha is home to the McKean siblings, a girl and a boy who are about to unintentionally rumble Daisy's entire world.

Daisy has a very real, girl-next-door kind of vibe. She's an easily likable character, her emotions and sweetness make her relatable, while her unique upbringing give her a compelling aura. In ways, she does take life for granted. Death is not a threat she's really had to fear, with the Revive drug just an injection away from bringing her back. But that all changes the more she becomes invested in her new life. She may have outwitted death all these years, but it strikes back in a way she never expected, forcing Daisy to reassess her own life, the ethics of the Revive drug and especially to question the motives of the man who created it. She shows visible growth as the novel progresses and I really enjoyed watching her change.

While I'm not sure any can live up to the heart-fluttering, sugary sweet romance of Luke and London from Cat's debut novel, Forgotten, Daisy and Matt were an endearing pair. It's nothing mind-blowing, but the blossoms of first love. It begins as an innocent attraction, cute and genuine, but the rosy hue doesn't last forever and their loyalty is tested when an event completely shatters their worlds. Something that could either draw them closer together or be the bridge that painfully separates them forever...

I did go into this book expecting something completely different. The US cover gave me more of a dystopian feel, with the impression that there would be lots of action and intensity. That's likely my own fault for reading too much into it. While I do love the US art, the Australian one (shown above) has a more softer, contemplative, contemporary feel which is a truer representation of the story. So really, that was my only problem: My expectations were different to what the story shaped up to be. And the fact that I couldn't help but compare it to Forgotten, because that was one of my favourite reads last year. And while I did enjoy Revived (obviously!), I had to tell my inner voice to shut the heck up and stop saying, "He's nice, but he's no Luke Henry..." etc.

Once again Cat has pieced together a beautifully written novel. I won't say if she leaves us on a happy or sad note, but I love that her endings feel very realistic and not always what you typically expect from these kind of YA books. Just as she did in Forgotten, Cat is brilliant at surprising you with a well-timed twist that in retrospect, you really should have seen coming, but just didn't see the clues until the very last minute. The second half of the novel picks up the pace as suspicions arise, the mystery deepens and our protagonist is weighed down by an emotional upheaval that inspires some thought-provoking questions. Revived is an engaging read from a wonderfully talented author with a penchant for a unique premise!

4/5 Golden Apples!


  1. I have this to read. I am glad you enjoyed it!Dead within first two pages....ooowhah!

    Awesome review! I shall now have a lookie at some of your other reviews:D


  2. This is the first review I've seen for this one! It's not out here for another few months! From the US cover I totally got a dystopian vibe too, but I like your description so much more! I'm not sure if many boys can live up to Luke Henry (love him!!) but I'm looking forward to seeing what I think of this guy! :)

  3. I absolutely loved Cat Patrick's Forgotten book and while that love maybe hard to beat, but I'm still dying to read this book. Sounds like a book full of awesomeness. Great review, Brodie! Lovin' the AUS cover by the way, though I'm more in love with the US one.

  4. Yes, I totally thought this was more dystopian than anything else, another dystomance to add to the awesome pile that's forever growing. I'm kind of disappointed that it has less of that and I hate feeling deceived! Damn my country for creating gorgeous, misleading covers :K

    "Something that could either draw them closer together or be the bridge that painfully separates them forever..."

    Ooh, dramatic. Sounds right up my alley. I kind of want to read Forgotten first though. Which I totally should. Do that. Immediately. :D


  5. Awesome review Brodie! I love it!

    I agree with so much of what you said- I couldn't help but compare Daisy and Matt to Luke and London (a comparison like that is near impossible to beat!) and I had a really strange feeling that Matt had a dark side, so I never completely trusted him.
    The cover of the US one definitely seems more dystopian and I came to Revived with a very different thought about how it would be, the dystopian story I had been imagining was very different to this and I would call this minorly dystopian, not full blown dystopian as I expected... I think the AUS cover goes better with how the story pans out, but i think I prefer the US one, for some reason! The AUS one is perfect for the thrilling ending scenes...( :
    I love Daisy and how she decorated her own room, it told me a lot about her and kind of helped me settle into the book; I thought it was great that Cat mentioned the online shops Daisy uses- I adore Etsy! But for me, this could never be as amazing as Forgotten.
    Again, awesome review!

    Yes! I adored Divergent- it was so amazing!Four and Tris were awesome- Tris is such a inspiring and strong character. Agreed. Insurgent. Come to me.
    And it may be made into a movie. YAY YAY YAY YAY!

  6. Woah- super long comment! SORRY!

  7. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you enjoyed this book, Brodie! I loved how Cat wrote Forgotten as a stand alone and Revived too because I miss reading standalone books. Sometimes sequels just make me tired!

    Muahahaha, and I love the way you say 'He's nice..but he's no Luke Henry!' I am so curious of Matt because yes, I LOVE LUKE HENRY A LOT in Forgotten and I thought it was such a beautifully written novel. Love the dystopian feel of this book and Daisy sounds like an awesome character!

    I LOVE THE AUSTRALIAN COVER! It's SO PRETTY and gorgeous although the US one does give off a sense of dystopian feeling of the book! But still, the AU COVER! <3 Even Forgotten's AU cover was prettier than the US one in my opinion!

    Anyway, AWESOME AWESOME REVIEW as always, Brodie! <3

  8. Oh LORD I need to read books by Cat! D: This looks like such an amazing book and I LOVE the cover. D:

    Ahh that really sucks when you go into a book expecting one thing and it turns out to be COMPLETELY different. I heard that was a huge problem with Various Positions (have you seen reviews for that book? Oh lordy lord...)

    I can't wait to read this! And her other book. (:

  9. Awesome review, Brodie! God, this sounds awesome! I am so intrigued! Is this another stand alone?

  10. Brodiieeee, YAY! I'm so glad you FINALLY wrote your review (sorry, I joke, no pressure).

    It actually sounds amazing... I mean, I can hear and understand the tinges of dissapointment, and the kind of let down with the (amazing) US cover, but buuuurrrrrrr! I LOVE the UK one! I mean, I love both, but how you described it? Kind of contemplative? Sarah LOVES it. Also, it will match the very pretty cover for Forgotten... OH! Is the spine the same pretty red colour? Is it different? Is it flourescent yellow?

    True story: as a kid, I was obsessed with Yellow. I had the Playschool Yellow Book, and for my fourth birthday, I had a YELLOW PART... err... everything was yellow? And I had matching yellow and white striped shorts and a shirt.

    And I called yellow 'lellow'. And you have to admit: lellow is so much more fun to say than yellow... right? RIGHT?!

    Err... so... did I mention I loved your review? Because I loved your review. It was excellent, and everything a review should beeeee. AS ALWAYS. You and your annoying perfect and fabulous reviews and clever, squishy brain *pokes*

    Mmmmm... delicious brains....

  11. Completely got the dystopian vibe off this one too, I prefer the AUS cover so good to hear it's more befitting of the story. I really liked Forgotten as well and I think you can't help but compare books by the same authors really. I did it when Bloodlines came out. I love the sound of Daisy though, and the moral implications and questions you mention. I adored Luke in a detached sort of way so I hope I don't find the love story in this too disappointing. Great review Brodie =]

    The Cait Files

  12. Alright so I know that this was slightly disappointing to you because of the expectations you had going in but I LOVE the quieter, contemplative novels (most of the time anyways). Plus, the concept sounds AMAZING and you really do seem to have liked it! WOOOOOOT <3 I can't wait to read this! :)

    Ahh, every time someone mentions Luke Henry, it seems to be with a swoon. Clearly I need to get on the Luke ship because he sounds fabulous!

    Once again, I am blown away with your reviews... Maybe I should start lying and saying I hate them? Just to spice it up a bit. I wouldn't want you to get bored of the constant praise or anything.... (I'm incapable of telling you that you suck. YOU ROCK, BRODIE <3)


  13. hahaa Brodie, I LOVE how you keep mentioning Forgotten here! Now I'm DESPERATE to read both Revived AND Forgotten!! (hahaaa, can you believe I haven't read Forgotten yet? I seem to be THE ONLY person who has yet to read it :S WAIT. I WON A COPY, RIGHT?!?! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG THAT MEANS I'LL BE ABLE TO READ FORGOTTENNNNN!!!!!! heheeee ABOUT TIME TOO!)
    Ooohhh, the US cover has a dytopian feel? Hmm... *dashes off to check*
    Wow...the premise is sooo fascinating! I mean...A GIRL WHO CHEATS DEATH REPEATEDLY?! HOLY HELL. FIVE DEAHTS?!?!?! WOWWWWWW
    I can't wait to meet Daisy and Matt! ( oh and also Luke and London!)I LOVE the feeling of first love;it always makes me all giddy with excitement <3 Plus the attraction IS always so innocent and genuine <3333 I'm sooo excited to read this now <333 Fantastic review Brodie!!!

  14. I haven't read Forgotten and I wonder if I will read this one differently as a result. I want to read Forgotten eventually but now I want to read it after Revived just to see if it changes anything.

    It sounds like it was a good book, just not as good as Forgotten. I am glad you liked it though, as I am looking forward to starting it soon.

    Great review Brodie!

  15. First and foremost: I loved Forgotten like crazy too!! ♥ That's the reason why I want to read this book so badly -- because I knew that Cat Patrick would spin another sweetly original tale and I'm SO happy that she did!

    And covers can really be deceiving, huh? x) LOL! I actually LOVE this cover for completely different reasons that my love for the US one! From the way you describe it, it sounds sweeter and light and more adorable than I thought it would be -- and that makes me ECSTATIC because I love sweeter and lighter and more adorable stories! ;D

    Amazing review, Brodie! ♥ I can't wait until my copy arrives so I can finally read this too!! :)

  16. I still haven't read Forgotten. I've owned it for almost a year and still haven't got to it yet...:P. Revived sounds awesome though! I love the AU cover, and I like that it represents the book :). The story is so intriguing too, I can't imagine what life (or lives?) for Daisy must be like! Great review, must read this one (and Forgotten, of course) soon! :)

  17. I've been looking forward to Revived for a while! Was under the same impressions as you were: that it was more dystopian in nature, but I'm glad to hear that the mystery and twists are still there. Love myself some secret organisations.

  18. Ohh, I'm so, so glad you ended up enjoying this one! I really can't wait to pick it up; Forgotten was definitely a great read and I have high hopes for Revived as well. I'm glad Daisy and Matt was still a sweet couple, even if they didn't quit live up to Luke and London in the same way. I'm super curioussss!

  19. I'm very intrigued by the whole idea of a drug that could revive someone, not to mention the idea of getting bored with your life and "dying" in order to start over. Might have to check this one out! I haven't read Forgotten yet either, but I've heard good things about that book as well!

  20. Brodie!!! I'm back - trying to crawl away from the heap of requirements and exams and homework. Eeeeeep!! I love Forgotten so much. You know that right? So I'm totally looking forward to Revived! :) I think I'm liking this Daisy character. But what I'm even more liking is this revival drug thingy. Can't wait to find out more about it. Awesome review! :D


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