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Waiting On Wednesday #46

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight a book you're giddy with excitement to read so other people can be giddy with excitement too :)

Author: Nathan Kotecki
Release Date: October 2nd 2012
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Shy Celia Balaustine is befriended by a mysterious group of outliers called The Rosary at her new school, Suburban High. The Rosary exposes Celia to new experiences and ideas that help her break out of her shell. Soon though, Celia discovers something is not quite right at Suburban. Girls at the school begin having near fatal accidents on the eve of their sixteenth birthdays. Who is causing the accidents and why? Celia's own sixteenth birthday is fast approaching and she is inexorably drawn into an underground conflict between good and evil—the Kind and the Unkind—that is bubbling beneath Suburban High.

Plentiful references to music and art—along with the intriguing underworld mythology—make this supernatural series debut a page-turner.

Author: Bethany Frenette
Release Date: October 23rd 2012
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
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Audrey Whitticomb has nothing to fear. Her mother is the superhero Morning Star, the most deadly crime-fighter in the Twin Cities, so it’s hard for Audrey not to feel safe. That is, until she’s lured into the sweet night air by something human and not human—something with talons and teeth, and a wide, scarlet smile.

Now Audrey knows the truth: her mom doesn’t fight crime at night. She fights Harrowers—livid, merciless beings who were trapped Beneath eons ago. Yet some have managed to escape. And they want Audrey dead, just because of who she is: one of the Kin.

To survive, Audrey will need to sharpen the powers she has always had. When she gets close to someone, dark corners of the person’s memories become her own, and she sometimes even glimpses the future. If Audrey could only get close to Patrick Tigue, a powerful Harrower masquerading as human, she could use her Knowing to discover the Harrowers’ next move. But Leon, her mother’s bossy, infuriatingly attractive sidekick, has other ideas. Lately, he won’t let Audrey out of his sight.

When an unthinkable betrayal puts Minneapolis in terrible danger, Audrey discovers a wild, untamed power within herself. It may be the key to saving her herself, her family, and her city. Or it may be the force that destroys everything—and everyone—she loves.
Suburban Strange: THE COVER! Doesn't it look absolutely incredible? I'd buy this book just for the artwork alone, but it sounds equally amazing. Who or what is causing accidents to girls just shy of their 16th birthday? Why? And what kind of underworld mythology does the author bring to the story? I have a feeling it will be all kinds of creepy, twisted and delicious and I CANNOT WAIT.

Dark Star: SUPERHEROES! One word and I am hooked. So intrigued to learn more about the Harrowers and of course, Audrey's own badass powers of awesome that are beginning to manifest. This series has the potential to be pretty kickass, so excited!

What are you waiting on this Wednesday?


  1. Suburban Strange sounds very cool!

  2. Oh my goodness, I haven't heard of both these books before. Wow! As usual, my evil twin sister, you have awesome picks for this week! *adds to Goodreads list*

    Check out my WoW picks for this week!

  3. both of these..thanks for bringing them to my attention

  4. BRODIE! Where do you keep FINDING THESE? Dark Star? Err, the cover is AMAZING, but it sounds amazing tooooo! WANT! WANT!

    Ih, and Suburban Strange doesn't sound bad, either *grumble* OK. It sounds AMAZING. YOU IS EVILS! TOO MANY AMAZING BOOKS!

  5. Okay, first off: the covers. They're absolutely amazing! And second off: the blurbs. Fascinating and kick ass! Adding both to my tbr now.

  6. I love the covers for all of them, and they both sound amazing, too!! Awesome picks!

  7. Good lord Brodie! Is your own superpower finding all these books?!? You always have incredible books I've never heard of! Love the sound of them both but Dark Star.... *squee* Me want! Me want!

  8. Dark Star sounds awesome! SUPERHEROES! LOL
    My WOW

  9. I CANNOT WAIT FOR DARK STAR! I was drawn in by the cover and hooked by the blurb :)

    Feel free to check out my WOW
    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  10. The Suburban Strange is tugging at me, begging me to add it to my list LOL Should I??

    Here is my WOW

  11. Looooove the cover for The Suburban Strange (what a name LOL) and it sounds so suspenseful. I feel like the "plentiful references to music and art" would be completely lost on me but whatever :P

    AND SUPERHEROES! WOO! I had never heard of Dark Star (as is the case with these WoWs of yours...) but it sounds all kinds of awesome.

    Thanks for introducing me to BOTH of these! <3 My weekly Book Adding On Goodreads Thanks To Brodie is now complete.


  12. I haven't heard of Dark Star before and I know I'll have to read it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!

  13. Haha, I love how you make me want to read books I have yet to hear about.

    Dark Star sounds awesome (afterall it does have superheros in it!) and Suburban Strange does have an amazing cover (it also sounds like it could be creepy and good).

    Great choices as usual Brodie!

  14. I absolutely love the cover for The Surburban Strange, it's just gorgeous! It's one you'll want in a hardback just to have it look lovely on your bookcase for you to take down and stroke! Gorgeousness!

    I love the sound of both books, they sound amazing! I want to read both! I think we seem to have pretty similar taste in books. Sucks I don't ive in Australia to stalk you until you sit with me over coffee or something to talk books and give me tons of recommendations to go check out. Lol.

  15. I haven't heard of Surburban Strange before and I love that cover and the synopsis. I'll take both books please!!! :)
    Our WoW is at Book Sake. –Jessica

  16. SQUEEEEE! DARK STAR TAKES PLACE WHERE I LIVE! RIGHT WHERE I LIVE!! MINNECRAPOLIS!! lolol Twin Cities OH YEAAH! I'm super DUPER excited for this one now!! :D

    Also, Why are superheroes so cool?!

    Also, I already love both boys. XP

    Also, I'm slightly in love with you.

    BAHAHAHA! Okay, i'm leaving now. bye.

  17. The cover of The Surburban Strange! I love it. That colour is gorgeous! Dark Star sounds awesome too - I mean, superheroish type mum who hunts evil creatures. What's not to like? Plus I am intrigued by this Leon fellow...:P. Great picks! :)

  18. They both sound like captivating choices.

  19. Omgggg they both sound amazing!!! Suburban Strange cover is totally awesome, but I hope the twist isn't all cliche. Dark Star reminds me a tiny bit of Lili St. Crow's books, but like, totally different. Awesome picks.

    The Cait Files

  20. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I've never heard of either of these books before!! Music and art and intriguing underworld mythology all in one? Coolest combination of life!! x) And that cover for Suburban Strange really is gorgeous! Plus, as a girl who has ALWAYS wanted to be some sort of superhero when she grows up, how could I not want to read Dark Star???

    Amazing picks for your WOW, Brodie! Make room for me beside you on the waiting list because definitely waiting to read them both now! ;) <3

  21. new2me
    rocking sounding books ^^

  22. Wow! I've had my eyes on the Suburban Strange as well! Great picks this week, your blog is absolutely beautiful and I love your posts!

    New follower :) Looking forward to reading your future posts!
    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  23. Eeeeeeee! Just added 2 new books on my goodreads wishlist! <3 WHERE DO YOU FIND ALL THESE FREAKING A-M-A-Z-I-N-G BOOKS, HUH!?!
    OMG. SUPERHEROES! And I freaking love the cover of Dark Star! The girl looks badass <3
    The Suburban Strange sounds FANTASTIC <3 But,but WHY CAN'T SHE BE TURNING 17 OR 18?!?! Lol, I;m going through this phase where I want all the YA heroines to be at least my age or older! Anywayyyyy AWESOME PICKS!<3 (as always :DD)

  24. I'M SO CURIOUS ABOUT THE MYTHOLOGY in The Suburban Strange. I mean what the what is THAT ABOUT? And girls dying?!? I definitely want to be part of the unveiling of the killer/cause. And, YOU'RE SO RIGHT, the cover is GOOOOOORGEOUS. Like, I could totally see that on my shelf. And don't even get me started on Dark Star. Because I won't be able to stop raving about how excited I am. I'm serious.


  25. These both sound amazing, especially Dark Star! I guess that's another two books to add to my overflowing TBR pile. ;)

  26. I seriously love your WoWs! I find so awesome-looking books *dies*
    Both sounds SUPER awesome, but I especially fell for Suburban Strange! Cover, blurb... I WANT! Baaaaad. *stalks on Goodreads*


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