Monday, May 21, 2012

30 Days of Daemon Tour: Couples Questions! Part 1/4

You have heard of the 30 Days of Daemon Tour, right? If you haven't, I highly suggest you RUN over to Entangled's blog and check out the full schedule of events before Daemon blasts you into the next solar system. You back yet? Awesome. SO! 30 Days of Daemon is exactly what the title suggests.... Daemon Black: alien sex god (slight exaggeration, although I'm sure he doesn't think so) from Jennifer L. Armentrout's YA novel OBSIDIAN, is travelling around the blogosophere for 30 days offering interviews, teasers, giveaweays, exclusive material and lots of shirtless action.

Today, I have the pleasure in sharing the first in a 4 part "Couples Questions" post, where Daemon and Katy are both quizzed on each other. Read on and then hop over to The Fairytale Nerd where she's showcasing her favourite Daemon moments and quotes! *fans self*


Hello and welcome to another edition of ‘Couples Questions’! I’m your host, Carl Blackwood. Now, for those of you tuning in for the first time; let me tell you a bit about our show. Every week we showcase one couple, who are asked questions about each other separately. We then bring them both back together, to find out all their answers and see which one of them knows the other best!

This week I’d like to welcome Katy Swartz and Daemon Black from West Virginia!

So, how did you two meet?

“I stopped by his house to ask for directions,” “It was pretty legendary.”
“Because I am a legend.”
Katy rolls her eyes. “More like a legend in your own mind.”

And have you decided who’s going first…? Daemon? Okay then, Katy, if you could leave the room for us?

So Daemon, here are your 5 questions about Katy:

What is Katy’s favourite thing to do? -  a) Reading b) Swimming c) School or d) Other

None of the above. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with me.

If Katy’s house was on fire, and she could only save one thing, what would that be?
Her laptop.

If Katy were to describe you in 3 words, what would those words be?
Incredibly sexy & awesome.

What is Katy’s favourite food?
Anything meat related.

And finally, if Katy could design her own prom dress, how would she make it look?
I don’t think Kat would ever think of doing that. She’s a go and buy it off the rack type of girl.

Thanks for your answers Daemon! Let’s bring Katy back and find out how well you did. 

Stop by Avery’s Book Nook tomorrow to see how Katy answers!


  1. I like how straight to the point this Daemon guy is. Cute questions!

  2. Love this!! Can't wait to see Katy's answers tomorrow.

  3. "None of the above. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with me."

    LOL!! Daemon, I missed you. Please come back :') I'm off to go order a beautiful & newly covered copy of Obsidian (which I love so much more than the first one!) so I can be fully prepared to read Onyx and I CAN'T WAIT! I need more Katy/Daemon snarkiness in my life. It's an addiction I admit to in every single way!

    Hilariously fun interview, Brodieeeee! I can't wait to read what Katy says tomorrow!!!!!! :D <3 She's one of my fave heroines! Who else could handle Daemon like she does?? I probably wouldn't be able to stay un-puddled long enough to LOL! x)

  4. Hehehehehe! Oh, this seriously has me giggling to myself on the train. I loves. I can go home and read Obsidian nownownownow? Mmmmm? :D
    Hilarious interview! Thanks you for hosting! <3

  5. Love it. :D Daemon's one of the most hilarious guys ever.

  6. I love Daemon. As I'm sure he knows! :P Obsidian was amazing and I can't wait to get started on Onyx!

  7. This post was so cute. I can't wait for Onyx...

    Also I love your banner.


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