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Review: Fury by Rebecca Lim

Author: Rebecca Lim
Release Date: May 1st 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins
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Heartbreak. Vengeance. Fury.

Mercy is an exiled angel cast down to earth and forced to live out thousands of different lives for her own protection. Betrayed by her eternal love, Luc, Mercy burns with fury. The time of reckoning is here and now she must wage open war with Luc and his demons. Ryan’s love for Mercy is more powerful than ever, but loving an angel is mortally dangerous. As their two worlds collide, Mercy approaches her ultimate breathtaking choice.

Hell hath no fury like Mercy ...

Mercy has finally broken free from the curse that's trapped her for thousands of years. She's grown a lot of the course of this series and it was nice to see her finally come into power, filled with the knowledge of who she is, where she's come from and how things have shifted since the day she fell from heaven. She's a girl, an angel, with a purpose; fueled by a need for vengeance, making a stand against a man she once trusted and fighting for her own right to live and love.

Although she is selfish in her want to stay on earth. Luc's reign of horror may end if she just returned to Heaven. Is her love for one human boy really worth the lives of scores of humans? I suppose it shows how... human she's become. We don't always see the bigger picture when we're consumed by what's in front of us, especially when it's love. Yes, the consequences are on a much grander scale, but she's had her life dictated to her by so many, for so long and now she's finally taken back her choice. I can grant her understanding that she wants love, wants to think of herself rather than the world. But even so, I find it hard to believe Luc would lay down and stop being an ass just because Mercy is locked away safely in Heaven. I'd bet my out-of-shape wings that he'd be hunting down Ryan and his family to use as bait. So either way, returning to Heaven or staying on earth, I felt as though both options have the potential for d-o-o-m.

Those who were swept up in Mercy and Ryan's complicated romance will be pleased to know Ryan features heavily this time around. We haven't seen him this much since the first book, only catching teasing glimmers of him in Exile and Muse. While it was nice to finally see some progression and one-on-one time between him and Mercy, even if it was marred by that potential end-of-the-world problem (as if having your girlfriend body hop wasn't enough, the devil has to add his own drama to the relationship), I do wish there was just a little less angst between them. I totally understand it, I'm just saying I got the point loud and clear with the, "You can't help me, you're just human." and  "I'm just human, I'm not as awesome as you." conversations (I'm paraphrasing, can you tell?).  At times I think it would have been better for him to just stay behind, because Luc is raging war on the WORLD, wiping out entire cities, Ryan doesn't really stand much of a chance going against him or his minions in his squishy mortal body. But his humanity and simple logic do prove useful among some high-and-mighty unearthly beings.

I had so much trouble writing this review, because when I set the book down, I really enjoyed the ride it took me on. Had this been just a middle book, I'd be quite happy to rate it 4 shiny golden apples, but it's the finale of a series that I've become invested in and so I expected more. There was a huge build up to the conclusion, but it didn't fulfill on it's promise. I was anticipating a climax akin to what we saw in Muse. Unfortunately, Fury went out on a much quieter note, rather than an apocalyptic-bang. Some will like it, for sure, but those who thrive on action and war will be disappointed. I did like how things ended for Mercy, though, she deserved the fate awarded to her and I like the way in which she received it. I was also hoping for some big surprise as to why Luc and Ryan look so alike. But aside from a comment Mercy makes on her own twin-like appearance to Uriel, we get nothing. I really wish I hadn't built that up to be more important than it actually was.

I do love how the series covers such a global backdrop - from California to Australia to Milan, and now in Fury, we trek across more foreign land, made easy by Mercy's wings and the awesome man-made invention of the 'plane', which spares Ryan from holy-crap-my-girlfriend-is-an-angel-and-she-is-flying-me-across-a-freaking-continent Motion Sickness. As I said above, while this wasn't my favourite installment, I still enjoyed the novel and would definitely recommend this series to others. Rebecca has beautiful writing, she's brought a really fresh edge to the angel genre in YA and I love how she's slowly unveiled the unique mythology. I look forward to seeing whatever stories she has in store for readers next, because she is definitely the kind of talent I want to add further to my shelves!

3.5 Golden Apples!


  1. I adore this series! I have my copy of Fury just waiting to be read, so hopefully this is my favourite installment! Anyway great review! Pity it wasn't your favourite.

  2. Angel books are always pretty hit am miss with me but I'm glad to hear you would still recommend this series! It sounds like you still really enjoyed it despite it not quite meeting your expectations as the final book. Great review! :)

  3. Great review Brodie. This series for me has been a hit and miss but for some reason I keep reaching for the next book. I haven't read Muse or Fury yet but I will do soon! Donna xoxox

  4. Aww, shame that this didn't get a high rating! I didn't continue after the first, as you know.. =/ But I remember you loved the previous! Darn.

  5. I have read the first book in this series, but haven't had a chance to read the rest of the books. Sorry to hear this didn't really live up to your expectations. It's always frustrating when you expect more from a book, and don't get it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I haven't read this series at all, but I think it's a real shame that it didn't end the way you wanted. There's nothing worse than a series you've invested time and love and enthusiasm in disappointing you right at the end. Sorry you weren't entirely satisfied Brodie!

    The Cait Files

  7. I completely understand how you feel - I always get disappointed in last books in a series because I expect more than what it turns out to be. It's a shame you weren't blown away by this one, but glad you enjoyed the series overall. Great review! :)

  8. "I'm just human, I'm not as awesome as you." <-- LOL BRODIE! I totally wish you weren't only paraphrasing because it would've been so funny to see one of the characters actually utter that phrase x) Whenever I come to your blog, I always love to play the "Remember the Cover" game because the Aussie ones are usually SO different from others. The UK version of this is red, right? *goes back to check* OH, IT IS!! :D Well, I'm one for twenty LOL!

    But that's not the point of this comment haha! The point is: AWESOME REVIEW, BRODIE! Hehe, I sure don't want HCMGIAAASIFMAAFC Motion Sickness :') <3

  9. Boo! Not with a bang but a whimper? That's only cool in poetry--not in series conclusions. That's dissapointing, but I'm glad you still enjoyed it! Ahahaha! Your Motion sickness and paraphrasing <3

    I'm interested in this series... I mean, it's seriously cool that Rebecca's an Aussie, but it seems to have the kind of epic scope that angels and demons and apocalyptic wars should do :D

    And because this is the end of my comment: B O O M!

  10. I have not started this series yet. 3.5 Stars.I will get to it, but I shall get through a bit more other reads . I am intrigued:D:D I get nervous about last books in series. Being an Aussie author , I MUST read this series:D

    Glad you enjoyed the series!!


  11. I started reading your review and then decided to stop because I am undecided about whether or not I should continue with this series (I've only read book #1) and it does sound like this was a little disappointing. I love supporting Aussie authors but I didn't love the first book and I'm worried I won't like the rest.

  12. Gahhh it's a pity the finale wasn't as great as its predecessors :/ The way you described the ending/climax-or-anti-climax sorta reminded me of Breaking Dawn, where there was this MASSIVE build-up to the climax and we're all expecting this huge fight and all, and then in the end, everyone manages to sort out everything -no action, no "APOCALYPTIC BANG" as you put it(BTW, I love that phrase!! hahahaa) I'm a little hesitant to start the series now :/ Awesome review Brodie! But at least some parts were enjoyable<3

  13. I am curious to read the rest of this series now. I loved the first book. I am kind of sad that the last book didn't live up to what you were expecting. :(

    I may have just skimmed this review (weary of spoilers for the other books between the first and this one) but as always, your review is fantastic. You've made me want to go grab the rest of the series NOW!

  14. I am waiting for my copy of this book to arrive in the mail! Thanks for the review - I am sorry it wasn't 5/5 golden apples for you! :)

  15. Ditto. The way things ended and a lot seems to be left unanswered, I would have thought this was a middle book rather than the grand finale. I had problems churning out my thoughts for the book you completely nailed the issues I have with the book!

  16. I'm thinking I need to read this series. o: It sucks this one wasn't your favorite in the series, but I'm glad you still enjoyed it! I'm definitely curious. :)

  17. I love this seris! I'm only going to start Muse but i hope i'll get to Fury soon!

    Great review! :)


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