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Books Speak Out: Prophecy by Ellen Oh!

What's this?

This is my introduction to a new style of interview. Rather than question the author or their characters, I thought... why not ask the book?! Surely it knows itself better than anyone? So I provide authors with a list of potential questions (along with explanations), they choose a few to answer and then take on the personality of their book! (Uh, any name suggestions are so welcome. I can't think of anything!)

Prophecy by Ellen Oh

The greatest warrior in all of the Seven Kingdoms… is a girl with yellow eyes.

Kira’s the only female in the king’s army, and the prince’s bodyguard. She’s a demon slayer and an outcast, hated by nearly everyone in her home city of Hansong. And, she’s their only hope…

Murdered kings and discovered traitors point to a demon invasion, sending Kira on the run with the young prince. He may be the savior predicted in the Dragon King Prophecy, but the missing treasure of myth may be the true key. With only the guidance of the cryptic prophecy, Kira must battle demon soldiers, evil shaman, and the Demon Lord himself to find what was once lost and raise a prince into a king.

Intrigue and mystery, ancient lore and action-packed fantasy come together in this heart-stopping first book in a trilogy.

I am so, so excited to kick things off with a very special book making it's debut on January 2nd 2013. Please welcome the violent, yet tender, and amazingly badass PROPHECY to the blog!

What do you look for in a reader, Prophecy?
Well, I look for a reader who can accept the violence inherent in my nature and still weep at the sad parts.

Are you a trend-setter or do you follow the crowd?
Oh I am most definitely an original. There’s never before been a YA fantasy set in ancient Korea and published in the US. And I even have some amazing scenes that are taken right from Korean history. Brilliant stuff really, if I do say so myself.

What's your favourite song/music?
That crazy author kept blasting Evanescence every time we got to a battle scene. Gave me such a headache. I much preferred when she played the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack although that one violin song would make me dizzy when she had it on repeat 10 times in a row!

Are you an animal lover? (eg, does the book have any notable animals)
I love dogs. Particularly Jindo who is the best dog in the world, in my opinion. My brother, Warrior (the sequel), has a very strange affinity for foxes. Particularly kumihos (nine-tailed fox demons). But that is a story for another day!

Your most treasured possession?
The tidal stone, of course! I wear it proudly on my cover! It has the power to control the seas and even more! But you need to read me to find out what else it can do!

Your race - Books - are generally conceived from a human's mind. But if books bred like humans, who would your parents be?
I’m not a purebred. I’m a muggle. You see my mother was the great Lord of the Rings book, but she got bored with all those other stuffy British classics. So she headed east and had numerous affairs with several Movies, including but not limited to Jet Li’s Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and the Seven Samurai. Quite frankly, I’m not sure who my father was…

Does it make you uncomfortable to think readers may be caught licking your cover?
I’m a very misunderstood cover. Some people think I’m wearing an apple or a cherry while others recognize the priceless nature of the brilliant ruby that adorns me. They covet it’s beauty and power, but beware of getting too close or my dragon might bite you!


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to chat with us, Prophecy! And I must add, I think your author, Ellen, is AMAZING and talented and friendly and you're so lucky to share such a special bond with her!

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Thanks to the amazing Ellen, I have two Prophecy swag packs to giveaway!! Each contain two signed bookmarks and an adorable Korean doll/drum charm. One winner will be international and because I love you crazy Aussie readers, one pack specific to you. So you'll get double the chance to win!


If you're an author and interested in me chatting with your fabulous book, feel free to shoot me an email! I'll send you a list of potential questions to choose from and you answer using whatever personality you adapt for your book. Fun!


  1. OMG BRODIE! How is it that I've never heard of this book before? PROPHECY SOUNDS FANTASTIC and AMAZING! Love Ellen's answers to the questions ;)

    AND EEEEEE BRODIE, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new interview style and the AMAZING questions. Looking forward to read more Books Speak Out posts! ♥

  2. OMIGOD. KOREAN HISTORY??! HELLL YEAHHHHH! I love my Asian-inspired books :D heheheee Fab questions and answers ladies<3 I can't wait to read this!


  3. I HAVEN'T HEARD OF THIS BOOK BEFORE BUT IT SOUNDS AMAZING. HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?! HOW?! Wow, Prophecy really sounds amazing. After just checking out the synopsis, I was dying to read it. And then after reading through the interview, I'm now ready to kill to get my hands on a copy!


  4. Loving this new feature Brodes. Prophecy has been on my radar for a couple months now and I can't wait for it. Reading more about the book from the book makes it that much more awesome.

  5. Ooh, what an awesome idea for a feature. This book sounds AMAZING. I mean Korean history?! Hell to the yeahh! :D

    Can't wait to read more of these posts, Brodie. <33

  6. I absolutely ADORE Korean history. Obsessed with it actually, much like I am with Japanese history. GOSH! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK! The book cover and storyline is to die for . . . seriously! *crazy fangal smile* @_@

  7. You do realize that this is the best idea ever right?! Interviewing the book? Awesome. You are so creative.

    This book really does sound awesome, and those swag packs are totally cute.

    I hope to see a bunch more interviews with books in the future.

  8. Oh, Brodie, is it possible to be more of a genius?! First the cover idea, now interviewing books! I like how your head works! Too fun! An awesome idea!

    Prophecy sounds awesome! And until the book started talking about Korea, I thought it was a high fantasy! I think this is going to be an awesome book! Really looking forward to it!

    I need to get my hands on this like NOW. KOREAN HISTORY? You got me hooked!!!

    Also, Brodie. You... amazing, inspirational, crazy, creative girl you <3 I love the interview style and look forward to many more book interviews in the future!

  10. BRODIE WHY ARE YOU SUCH A GENIUS? Seriously, I feel so stupid every time I come on your blog and read about such FANTASTIC new features and read your BEAUTIFUL reviews! Anyway, I lovee this feature and I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK! FANTASY! KOREA! SHE EVEN SAID LORD OF THE RINGS! Sorry...I'm a little hyper since I just ate ice cream! ;) I really do adore this format of interviews as it's unique and SO much fun to read! Yet another absolutely FABULOUS feature dear! :) <3

    Ivy Book Bindings

  11. Oh my god, HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE INCREDIBLE IDEAS? Such a fantastic feature. Really.

    And Prophecy sounds so. Awesome. I'm adding this.

    Thanks for sharing, and I can't WAIT to see more of these in the future! :D


    So honestly. This interview turned out, ahhhh-mazing. Actually, beyond! And the answers were fabulous beyond words as well, omgomgomg, I LOVED this so much!! <3 Prophecy sounds like a really great book, and I love the part of Korean history! We can always use some Asian injections into YA around here. The parentage part was hilarious XD

    This is such an epic new idea!! Brodie, you deserve to be FAMOUS!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!! -POOF!-

  13. "Some people think I'm wearing an apple or a cherry..." LOOOL because that is TOTALLY what you meant, I'm sure! Ahhh, I am SO BEYOND IN LOVE with this new idea of yours, Brodie!! And Ellen has done such an amazing job with it - Prophecy has a real personality! I've seen it around before but never been like JUMPING OUT OF MY SEAT to get it or anything (although it won't be out for a while anyway!) But now after hearing it's set in ancient Korea and is fantasy? !!!!!!! Can't wait :D

    Thanks for the superfantasticamazing interview, ladies! <3


  14. This is such a freaking awesome new interview idea Brodie! You surely are a genuis!!!! My goodness girl, where do you come up with all this brilliance? You mind must be an awesome place to be! I CANNOT wait to see which books tou interview in the future and I loved every minute of this first one!


  15. I love this feature! Of course books have personalities - why wouldn't they? :D Prophecy has made a great first impression on me so I know we'll definitely be meeting again some day... possibly in 2013. ;) I'll try not to lick its cover when that moment arrives, though I can't promise anything!..

  16. Did you mean give a name suggestion for this new feature? What about "Book Talk"? Or "Talk to the Book" (like "talk to the hand")? I'm really crappy at coming up with titles/names so that's all I got!

    And I really like this new feature, it's a great way to find out more about the book without asking the author just to give us the synopsis! I feel like we're getting set up on a dating show with this book and I hope it picks ME!

    And that Prohecy is Korean American? And that WOW. Seriously. I LOVE.

    And how I love the feature (which you already knew) AND I LOVE THE NAME. But I liked Mandee's suggest about 'Books Talk', as a play on 'Book Talk' and and and...

    I SERIOUSLY like the name and the feature.
    And I like YOU. Did you know? ♥

  18. BRODIEEEEE!! So this is how it's gonna be, huh? Coming up with new interview ideas and featuring drool-worthy books like Prophecy?? :) Me wants so baaaaad the swag pack! Love the concept of this. Who ever thought you could interview a book? A real book? Thank you for this!!

  19. I loved it to! But I'm surprised Prophecy didn't complain about me more! ;o)

    Thanks Brodie! I love this interview!

  20. Such an interesting interview, ladies, and the premise of this book sounds fantastic! It remindes me a lot of Shadow & Bone, (expect with Japanese elements) which I loved, so I hope this measures up to it haha. ;) I can't wait for this book to come out! Thanks for the giveaway too, Brodie. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Hehe!! "Readers caught licking the cover", this sounds rather intriguing , I shall plop onto TBR pile:D

    Thanks for the giveaway


  22. This book just remind me so much of Graceling. But I never thought it's set in Korea. How cool! Amazingly unique idea again, Brodie. YOU BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE for the nth time. You are totally amazeballs. :)

  23. This is a pretty cool idea! I had so much fun with this interview. :)

    Best wishes from Germany



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