Thursday, January 3, 2013

RESULTS: The big winners of the 2012 Young Adult Awards!

You've voted, we've counted, and the results are in! Together with the delightfully loopy, but dedicated and creative mastermind behind this entire genius event, Sarah from saz101, I'm super excited to help announce the winners of the inaugural Young Adult Reader Choice Awards! A big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and spread the word. Did your favorites win? Are you surprised by any of the results? Let us know in the comments!

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy:
Days of Blood and Starlight, Laini Taylor

days of blood and starlight laini taylor

Cinder, Marissa Meyer

cinder marissa meyer

Days of Blood and Starlight, Laini Taylor

days of blood and starlight laini taylor

Insurgent, Veronica Roth

insurgent veronica roth

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

the fault in our stars cover john green

Clockwork Prince, Cassandra Clare

clockwork prince by cassandra clare

Girl of Nightmares, Kendare Blake
Alice in Zombieland, Gena Showalter

girl of nightmares Kendare Blakes alice in zombieland gena showalter

The Evolution of Mara Dyer, Michelle Hodkin

the evolution of maray dyer michelle hodkin

Short Story/Novella:
Free Four, Veronica Roth

free four veronica rossi

Best Debut:
Storm, Brigid Kemmerer

storm brigid kemmerer

Best Book:
The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

the fault in our stars cover john green

Best New Series:
Lux, Jennifer L. Armentrout

obsidian jennifer l armentrout


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't read any of these.

  2. Clockwork Prince! Now at least one of my favourite FAVOURITE titles won! *dances around*

  3. Yaaaay, I have read one of these beauties and it was quite the excellent read(Cinder :D). I should really get cracking with the other winners, I mean I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't even bought Days of Blood and Starlight yet. Shame on me!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Brodie :)

    1. CINDER! I seriously LOVED that book. And Days of Blood and Starlight! I have it sitting literally right next to me right now! I hope you love it :D

  4. So many awesome titles in there and I can't even remember who I voted for!! LOL

  5. I'm not surprised by Cinder & Insurgent! :D I see some books on this list I really want to read, so I will put them higher on the list. Yaaaaaay, this was fun!


  6. I'm so happy so many of my faves won! Whoop! *victory dance*

  7. I haven't read so many of these *facepalms* The Brigid Kemmerer books seem so thrilling and I really need to get them read! I'm still yet to read Divergent and I have both that and Insurgent waiting for me in my TBR pile. I'm currently reading Alice in Zombieland and I've read some mixed reviews but I'm so glad it came out top - hope is not to be lost yet!

    Thanks for compiling this, Brodie <3 Happy New Year >.<

  8. Weeellll at least Clockwork Prince won ;)

    Cait x

  9. BRODIE!
    Omg, the results are out! I'm so ashamed that I haven't read the John Green book yet, but it's definitely at the top of my 2013 list! Very happy to see Cinder, Clockwork Prince, and Girl of Nightmares <3


  10. Excellent post.This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad that I finally came on this website! This for sharing and keep up the good work…
    Yüz Germe

  11. I just read Cinder and it was a pretty good sci-fi and I'm not surprised to see TFiOS take out two awards!!

  12. Awww yeah TFiOS! ALLLL the awards haha!

    Free Four and Lux definitely! I have yet to read the Infernal Devices but I have it and will eventually get around to it :D

  13. Clockwork Prince, Storm, Obsidian, Days of Blood and Starlight... YAY! Some of my favourite books are up there. :) Thanks for sharing!


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